The Importance of Obtaining a Toxicology Report After a Car Accident

Obtaining a toxicology report after a car accident is an important part of the investigation into the cause of a crash. In some cases, this report can help determine whether a driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs and whether this impaired his driving. In other cases, toxicology testing may lead to wrongful death claims. A personal injury attorney can help simplify the process. This article explains the importance of obtaining a toxicology report after a car accident.

After a fatal car accident, police will send a toxicology sample to determine whether alcohol was a contributing factor. Even if the officers do not believe alcohol was a factor, a toxicology report will be obtained and used as evidence in the criminal case. This information is critical because the report can help determine whether an officer will charge a driver with a crime if he or she is found to be under the influence of drugs.

Although some toxicology test results may be available even before the autopsy, the real results are much more complicated. Toxicology tests can take days, weeks, and even months to complete. The final toxicology report is based on multiple tests and the expertise of the toxicologist. If the toxicology tests reveal a substance that has caused the crash, the report will explain why the driver was at fault. The toxicology report may also indicate that Sunny was driving under the influence of alcohol.

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