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How to Log in to Telegram Online

If you use Telegram on your computer, you may wonder how to login to the service. This cloud-based instant messaging service works across multiple platforms, and it allows you to send messages, photos, videos, and files to your contacts. To get started, you can log in to your account in a web browser. You can also scan a QR code or enter your phone number. Listed below are some steps to follow to log in to Telegram online.

When you log into Telegram online, you’ll notice a few differences between the regular and web versions. For one thing, you can’t create groups or archives. Similarly, groups and channels can only be created by adding members from your contacts. You’ll also find that search functions are the same, so you can search through your contacts and find any message from the people you’ve been chatting with. If you’re interested in viewing a particular conversation, you can also click on the link in the message.

In case you want to delete your account from Telegram, you can do so manually by visiting the dedicated website. You can type your phone number in the international format and confirm. You’ll then receive a code in your mobile. Once you’ve verified that the code is valid, you’re done. Once you’ve verified that you’re the right person to delete your account, you can then access your Telegram account.

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