How Much Can Lawyers Negotiate Medical Bills?

One question that arises when people are facing large medical bills is how much can lawyers negotiate medical bills? Many times, these attorneys can get these bills significantly reduced. In fact, some of the most common reductions that a lawyer can achieve are as high as 20% off. Aside from medical bills, attorneys may be able to reduce other bills, too. If you have a significant medical bill, your lawyer might be able to reduce it by half or more.

When you file a personal injury lawsuit, your lawyer will first review your medical bills to determine whether you’ve been overcharged. Sometimes, medical bills, lien claims, and debt collector statements contain errors. Accidents happen, and the insurance company or hospital may accidentally overcharge for services that they rendered. In addition, many ambulance and emergency room fees are negotiated by insurance companies, and the right lawyer can negotiate these costs on your behalf.

Even if your medical bills are completely accurate, they may still be inflated by thousands of dollars. Using a medical bills negotiation attorney can help you avoid these headaches and get your bills paid down. Many patients have a hard time paying medical bills because they’re so high. Thankfully, a medical bill negotiation attorney will look at your bills and identify any areas where they’ve been overcharged. Sometimes, they will request an itemized list of charges from the hospital.

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