How Growth of FinTech has Improved Transactions?

Fintech, or Financial Technology, has been rapidly changing today. Payments, loans, insurance, banking, and other industries have been transforming gradually in this digital era. The transition from traditional banking to internet banking represented a significant change in how people make purchases of products and services. Increased information access via mobile apps and online banking, decreased transaction processing costs, and enhanced security measures are some driving forces behind this transition.

Do you want to know how transactions are changing due to technological advancements? Continue reading the post to learn all about it.

How are Financial Transactions Evolving?

Technology is evolving how we make financial transactions by streamlining the economic process. Here are the most trending payment technology mediums which are on the rise:

UPI ID Payments Usage

There are various UPI payment app India, like Bajaj Finserv, which has made real-time payment processes simple and practical by enabling users to make payments via their smartphones or other devices. Businesses and customers profit immensely from UPI ID payment services offered by companies like Bajaj Finserv, Paytm, Amazon Pay, and many more.

The reward-centric demand creation approach that has allowed UPI market operators to offer cashback and prizes to clients is another expanding aspect. These tactics have aided in luring new clients and boosting business.

QR Code Payments

Payments made via QR (Quick Response) codes have also increased recently. As a result, the world of payments is becoming more flexible and reliable thanks to QR code-based payment solutions. The ease of use of UPI QR code payments is one of the fundamental causes for its rising popularity.

Due to the lower costs, lower risk of fraud, and improved ability to track sales and consumers, small and local businesses have embraced UPI QR code payments. But, again, convenience is the key advantage for clients.


Customers can make online purchases using a payment link or pay by link without disclosing their credit card information. This is accomplished by creating a unique payment link specifically for each consumer.

In India, some well-known companies offer pay-by-link services. To complete the transaction, the customer only needs to click the link. Moreover, since the customer’s credit card information is not given to the merchant, this approach is secure.

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Financial technology has made transactions more accessible and more convenient. In the upcoming years, this change is anticipated to continue with the introduction of even more cutting-edge technologies.

All the advancements discussed above are moving society closer to a safe and cashless society. Customers and businesses are utilising the UPI payment service, which has excellent potential to expand even more.

Bajaj Finserv is one of the safest and most secure financial platforms. It allows for rapid money transfers to be made 24 hours a day using mobile devices. Moreover, it is easy to use, which means you can transfer money from all banks with all ease. Download Bajaj Finserv now or visit their website for more information.

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